Call for Papers

We are pleased to invite you to submit ideas for the sixth BuilConn, May 20-22 2008.

BuilConn provides a platform for new directions and technological developments in the building systems industry toward a future of green and sustainable buildings.

BuilConn attendees have an extremely strong interest in the convergence of building systems technologies with IT infrastructures, and see these new directions as an significant opportunities for their buildings and businesses.

Since 2003 BuilConn speakers have been industry leaders, early adopters, influencers and individuals furthering this message.

2008 Topics

  • Use of building systems for improvement of energy management
  • Solution sets for the future of green sustainable buildings
  • Benefits of building systems & IT convergence
  • Development of application and adoption of IP in building systems
  • New technology & standards relevant to IP centric building systems
  • Adoption of XML & Web Services in building system products and applications
  • Benefits to owners of IP centric building systems and infrastructures


Speaking Logistics


Presentations are 10- to 30-minutes long depending on subject. Speakers as part of a panel discussions are provided with a 5-minute window for a presentation, to be made by each panelist followed by moderated Q&A and discussions for an balanced view of the topic.

Presentations should be written with a strong technical content bias and commercial and application benefit. Papers and proposals of a marketing and sales nature are not appropriate for this venue and will not be accepted.

LCD projectors and computer (Windows) will be available, and a standard presentation template will be provided. Templates will be provided on the speaker section of the event web site.

SessionViewClasma Events provides a convenient online speaker management system PointView (

With PointView, speakers can login to edit their own profile, presentation material and ensure that they are presented on the web sites in the best manner possible. Note: PointView was formerly called SessionView.

Speaker Policy

Clasma has a non-commercialization policy for presentations at ConnectivityWeek. The objective of presentations is to educate, discuss and debate and not to sell products or services. Session moderators, track leaders and Clasma Events have responsibility to ensure speakers adhere to this policy.

Clasma has a policy to provide complimentary conference registrations for valid contributors of the event; the determination of validity is in the hands of the moderator, track leader and Clasma Events Inc.

Generally speaking, vendors of products, technology or solutions will not be provided with complimentary speaker passes and are expected to register and pay for discounted conference passes. Sponsors and Exhibitors of the event are required to use the pass(es) they receive as part of their sponsorship / exhibitor package.

Keynote speakers, members of academic establishments and invited speakers will receive complimentary passes. Please confirm with Clasma Events or your track leader prior to confirming your speaking slot.

Review Process

Papers submitted will be reviewed by Clasma Events, its advisors and strategic partners. Applicants will be accepted or rejected with status notification by email.

Publication & Rights

Clasma Events Inc. requires publication rights to accepted papers, including the publication of the audio proceedings as well as publication and reproduction rights to any video filmed during the presentations. These rights are non-exclusive. Copyright ownership is retained by the author.

Clasma Events Inc - January 1, 2008

What to Submit

Please send an email to with the following:

  • Mark the Subject with the Track name for your proposal
  • Provide name, title, affiliation and contact details (email/phone) of the speaker
  • Provide a 100 word bio of the speaker
  • Provide a title for the paper (100 characters max)
  • Provide a 100-200 word abstract of the paper
  • Type of presentation; educational, discussion, perspective, application stories, etc.
  • If necessary, provide administrator’s contact details


Abstracts are due by: April 1, 2008

Confirmation of proposals: May 1, 2008

PowerPoint Template

Please use the PowerPoint Template provided below.

Right-click and Save-As

Speaker Resources

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